Zander Cox
Vancouver, Canada
Fun Fact: Whacky humourist

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Selections from ''The Firmament''

Note : Poems are separated by a line, indicating the end of a poem.


From all corners of your devices
Comes swirling certainty eternal.
With the brightness,
You become,
A flooding stain where freedom runs.


Northern Lights
In the end
It was sacred what we sought out to protect,
Our fingerprints and fears
Were hard to leave behind,
Heads lay to rest beside stones,
The blind and the spirit
Share a cairn of bones,
With reverence unwritten
From the open shield of stars.


Ego floats like dust
The sun at your back
Let go in time to bury grief.

Soul and ego meet
Run around in lacerations,
Through one cell, tar-entwining mass
The other a golden sphere resisting spite.
Now both reveal blood angels.


A pocket full of shooting stars
To hold your thoughts up to the light,
Let them shine down through you.


Christmas Morning

Eagle turns and bows
Feathers to the earth
Tree opens heart
Fingers to the sky
Staying true and strong,
Snowdust through the branches
Threading needles.
One last gift is yet to be unearthed.
All the quiet in just one day,
We are bound into one moment.


First Nation magnetic north
Threads of ancestry come floating
Vibrant on the breastbone,
Nothing practice can hone.
We are translucent in the light
Knotted tightly together,
Loose ends are always open
Found in the gnarled roots
Of our home and native land.


What is it that repels and pulls?
So alike
We are cut from the same fabric
We meet on every dead end street,
Stay or leave,
Can't find our feet.
You know where I lie
Underneath, true pictures in me.


As the world falls into itself
Pushing ahead with fiery wings
Releasing all bonds and rings,
She bears new age intellect infusion,
One less guided, gilded illusion.
Wherever you show up inside your life,
May your heart pierce truth through like a knife.
You stand and circulate connectivity.

Selections from ''Firmament''

Virtues melt together
They cling to bones,
Dissolving from outside and in,
Through core and marrow,
They spin and swirl,
Tumbling about the blood.
All the worries you could bury from this,
A flurry of fists,
The rational rearrangement of a kiss.
No more distance from why to lies.

I have found lines to the beginning,
The birth of my undoing,
And here I take both hands
Carve its surface with fingertips.

We are fleshless creatures
With carnivorous arguments to uphold
And the same throbbing desire
To house electric heat from one another.
We achieve individuality
When we accept all that surrounds us.
Where seeds fall within the openness of mind
Nirvana waves will find,
In the pattern of every stalk and leaf,
With curious aim, a binding of belief.
All the blood that runs, fleets and amends
Of choice we may discern or bear ascent.
A cut bleeds open the sunset
I slip beneath your raw layers
Receptors fire and run fleeting
Glass splinters flay and lick the spine.
The difference between you and me
Is we are directly proportionate.
As you wrap yourself in sin,
Waiting for silence to fold these walls,
Words sink in and out
Uncovered skin, crack and burn
Between the scars meant for urns.


Hastings Sunrise
Digging for comfort through pavement cracks
Beyond the shipyards and belching stacks
A washed-out city full of angels rises.

Violet petals curl,
Pour from your mouth.
Between the silence and warmth
New beginnings your heart will swarm.


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