vanessa marie elmore
Orange County, CA, United States
Fun Fact: I love to write and sing.

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I'm Scared To Visit Her
I Fear For Her Life
But Also For Mine
She Is A Hero To Me, And An Angel
With Out Her I would Be Nothing but Another Orphan
I Love Her She Is My Mother And She Has Cancer
The Cancer Slowly Kill's Her With Everyday
Everyday She Grows Weaker And Weaker And Pretty Soon She Will Be Helpless
No One Will Be Able To Help Her Not Even The Doctors Mom U R My Angel And My Best Friend Just Like Daddy I Love You

7 Years

I would listen to the wind howl The thunder crack and the Lightening Flash
I waited for you for 7 years
But what I got after 7 years was a visit saying that you had died
You left with out saying goodbye
Without an I love you or even a hug
To say goodbye after you have been gone for 7 years is hard
To see your name in the ground
For it to say Soldier, Brother and Loving Father
My Father The man I loved more then anyone in the word To be gone from me
Since I never actually got to tell you this im gonna tell you now
Daddy, I Love You And Ill Miss you

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