Greenville, SC, United States
Fun Fact: I wrote my first poem when I was 4

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West Greenville: Build up or tear down?

Althought Greenville is probably one of the fastest growing cities, there are some communities here that are still considered as "ghettos". The West Greenville area is one of those cities; however; recently they have tried to build it up. Should they spend money reconstructing all of those old, abandoned houses; or should they just tear them down and start from scratch? One question that might be asked is will building the community up eliminate the drug problem? The families in this area deserve more and shouldn't have to suffer because they can't afford anything better. I believe they deserve for their community to be built up; and let's all pray that this will eliminate all of the drug issues.

Religion in America: Rising or Sinking?

America is considered to be a Christian country, but where's the evidence these days? Many people have stopped attending church because of hypocrisy. Where are the true believers? And if that's not bad enough, some churches make it hard for non-believers to visit; with all of the dress codes and strict rules. Isn't church for the non-believers to feel welcome? What happened to church and is there a correlation with that and everything that is going on in the world today? I believe that the church needs to stop resembling the world so much so that the world can realize it needs the church.


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