Tanna Long
"Tanna V"
Jonesboro, AR, United States
Fun Fact: Can't do back handsprings anymore, but can still do the splits!

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Petty's Hallmark Celebrates 40th Anniversary

When I was a small child living in Jonesboro, the shopping region migrated
from the historic downtown stores to the new, modern Indian Mall that was
built on the outskirts (at that time) of the city. The year was 1968 and the
mall was like an oasis in those days; there was nothing else in Jonesboro.
Indian Mall drew shoppers from all over Arkansas, Missouri, and Tennessee.
One of original tenants was Petty's Hallmark, a store that offered collectibles,
greeting cards, candies, plush animals and specialty items. The employees
were very personable and always offered their expertise in helping choose
the right gift for someone special.

As years passed, Petty's Hallmark made some cosmetic changes, but the
“customers first” philosophy remained. The store was a favorite of young and
old alike, so the aisles were often crowded. In our teenage years, a
memorable pastime for my friends and me was scouring over the seemingly
endless assortment of greeting cards to see who could find the funniest one.
When shopping for the holidays, we always started, and usually ended, our
searches at Petty's.

With time comes change, and new malls. The Mall at Turtle Creek opened in
March 2006, and many of the stores that had made their homes in the old
Indian Mall now have made the transition to the larger, newer location.
Among them is Petty's Hallmark, which is now one of the top-grossing
Hallmark stores in the southeastern United States. Hallmark's main idea is
relationship-building and maintaining those relationships through the years.
Apparently, they do it well; the Petty's Hallmark store began it's 40th year in
business a couple of months ago. Here's to the next 40!

Ozark Vacations for All Seasons

Are you tired of the day-to-day hustle and bustle of the city? Have your
found yourself dazed behind your desk, daydreaming of escaping to far-away
places? Sounds like you need a vacation! Re-schedule those meetings (you
need a clear mind to concentrate, don't you?), turn on your out-of-office
reply, and leave that company cell phone at home on the nightstand. Get that
break you deserve! The Ozark Mountains of north-central Arkansas offer rest,
relaxation and fun any time of year. Pick your favorite season, pack your bags
and get ready to enjoy one of the best vacations in North America.

Every year up to 1 million people from across the country travel to the Ozark
Mountains. They come seeking a change from their normal hectic lives. What
they find is a natural, relaxed setting of breathtaking beauty mixed with the
small town atmosphere of days gone by. The Twin Lakes region (Lake
Norfork and Bull Shoals Lake) has a total population of around 50,000
people. Coupled with the very low crime rate, this area is a favorite of many
who eventually make a permanent move to Arkansas.

In warm months, Lake Norfork and Bull Shoals Lake are popular locales for
the die-hard watersports enthusiast. Daytime activities might include
boating, water-skiing, fishing or just playing in the cool lake waters. Smaller
bodies of water, such as crystal-clear Sylamore Creek, are more secluded and
quieter, giving a feeling of serenity as you sunbathe at water's edge. Hiking
and horseback trails are plentiful, and you might want to include a visit to the
local fish hatchery. If shopping is your way of relaxing, there are several
colorful small towns nearby, virtually unchanged from the past, that offer
quaint shops filled with antiques and handmade items, including decorative
pieces and cypress furniture.

As slow and relaxing as the daytime is, the night is even more so. Enjoy the
beautiful Ozark sunset, and get prepared to be entertained by the local
nightlife. The music of crickets and nightbirds fills the air and the stars seem
to dance in the sky above. A crackling fire is a welcome place to gather for
long-overdue conversations between family and friends (and those wonderful
s'mores from your childhood). When it's time to retire for the evening, you'll
be ready to snuggle in and have peaceful dreams.

Winter in the Ozarks is quite different, but every bit as relaxing. Fishing is
still a popular activity, along with hunting, hiking, and eagle watching tours.
Enjoy a few of the many music shows the region has to offer, as well as
Christmas parades and even more shopping! Interested in history? Several
museums in the area will grab your attention and give you lots to talk about
in the evening—how about a game of Ozark trivia?

If you've read this far and you're still sitting there, grab that daily planner and
mark off a few days for yourself. You work hard, and you deserve to treat
yourself to the wonderful sights and sounds of Arkansas. Who knows, you
might even run into me—I'm the redhead with the notebook!


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