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Bucs Win in 16, Fully Endorse Adderall

Who knew that ADD Laroche\'s attention span could last 16 innings? I sure as
hell didn\'t.

Salomon Torres, who opened the season with some \"lights-out stuff\" but
has struggled since, blew a save in the 9th again. After a well-pitched game
by Zach Duke (Dude allowed a run in the 1st again and the Bucs still had a
chance to win it before Torres came out), the offense added 3 runs in the 5th
and 6th to help Duke out. Big Country hit a solo shot to dead center in the
6th and the game was all but won. Until the 9th.

Torres, who blew his 3rd save in the past 5 outings, hardly looked like a
legitimate closer. 4 singles in the 9th, along with a throwing error by Jose
Castillo (Maybe he needs the Adderall) helped the Astros back in it

After managing only 3 hits since the 8th inning, an intentional walk to Jason
Bay in the bottom of the 16th loaded the pillows for ADD. With a home-
opening start of 0-18 at the plate, and a game long enough for his Adderall
to wear out, Laroche wasn\'t really expected to do much. Actually, the guy
had 318 career RBIs, the most for any active player without a walk-off hit in
his career. To prove everyone wrong, ADD hit a walk-off single, and the
Buccos prevailed 4-3.

John Wasdin, who pitched the scoreless 15th and 16th, collected his first win
of the season.

The Pirates are on a 3 game win streak, and have now opened the season
with 5 straight wins against the \'Stros. During the start of the season, I
mentioned how the Pirates\' early season success against Houston was kinda
like the Penguins\' season success against the Flyers this past year. 5 straight
wins against Houston will do nothing to change that. Hopefully that equals a
playoff run for the Bucs (That would be crazy) this year.

Can ESPN\'s Hashmarks Actually Be Called A Blog?

Perusing the Blogosphere, I came across some cool posts by the good guys
at TheBigLead and Deadspin, regarding new ESPN Super Awesome Football
Blog, Hashmarks. Matt Mosley, a former writer for the Dallas Morning News,
joined the .com in January, and unleashed Hashmarks yesterday. The more I
think about Hashmarks, the easier its becoming to label it a flog, or \"fake

I don\'t claim to be an expert in sports blogging. Its not something I\'ve done
for a very long period of time, but its something I love to do. Most bloggers
aren\'t fortunate to blog for a living, and many of my own posts are written in
extreme haste, in a sort of \"stream of consciousness sports blogging.\"
Truth is, local sports blogging is a heavier burden than unbiased, full-circle
sports blogging. Our visitor counters look paltry compared to the unbiased
guys. I\'ve only topped triple digits in a day on a handful of occasions, and
only because the unbiased guys were kind enough to provide a cool link. My
writing is done out of love for the topics (Pittsburgh sports, miniature
equine), and the appreciation of every read/comment/email/link/mention.

Sports blogs are the anti-ESPN. Compiled by (mostly) amateurs, blogs
provide sports attention minus the Disney puff pieces/forced pop culture
references passed off as humor that has plagued the big E in recent years
(Note: Trey Wingo just asked Sean Salisbury on NFL Live, \"Who is the Ryan
Seacrest of the NFL?\" Sean\'s response, \"Daniel Snyder\"). But the question
remains, can ESPN just \"start\" a blog? ESPN has been buying up sports
blogs (i.e. Curtis Granderson), and even allowing (making) their writers and
\"personalities\" have official ESPN blogs of their own.

But back to Hashmarks. Mosley won awards as a writer in Dallas. ESPN is still
trying to regain the trust of the audience that was completely miffed by the
whole Colin Cowherd/TheBigLead story. ESPN seems to be using Hashmarks
as a vehicle to bridge the gap between the World Wide Leader and the
blogosphere. This is the remark that turned me off:
In other news, several prominent blogs across the nation waved the white
flag yesterday and have promised to join forces with Hashmarks. For the 375
folks who asked me to link to your blog yesterday, just give me time. Don\'t
read anything into who\'s on the Blog Roll right now - unless you\'re actually
on the Blog Roll.

Waved the white flag? So ESPN wins, now? If ESPN compiles the biggest
do they now assert dominance over the blogosphere? And great mention of
the hordes of people wanting to surrender to ESPN. Its not about getting the
biggest \"numbers,\" Mosley. Its about putting out a quality product that
reflects the passion of the writer.

TBL also added a stunning point:

True Hoop (NBA blog) ?is incredibly incestuous to ESPN. It feels like a
commercial for the .com. It seems like every other post is about the latest
from Mark Stein, Chad Ford, John Hollinger, or Bill Simmons. We get it ? ESPN
plucked a blogger from obscurity, and since his blog was one of many with
cult/underground status, True Hoop is now trying to pry open the eyes of
non-mainstream readers to ESPN. If Hashmarks starts to reference Len P and
Merrill Hoge and Clayton and Salisbury, it will get old, quick ?

Mosley is reaching out to the blogosphere, and is linking to some smaller
blogspot-type addresses. However, a lot of his posts are directly referencing
ESPN\'s newest stories and \"hottest reads.\" He has started a majority of his
posts for today with references to ESPN stories by David Fleming, Len
Pasquarelli and Gene Wojciechowski.

Also, here\'s his take on a Pittsburgh story:

I\'ve heard from several Steelers fans who were concerned about drafting a
punter in the fourth round. Listen, you have nothing to worry about.

End of analysis. Thanks, Matt, I will definitely not worry, now. It feels good to
be assured by your stellar breakdown.

I understand that Mosley needs to reference ESPN on a regular basis because
they\'re cutting his check. But the shameless links and position at the tops of
posts really doesn\'t help matters. ESPN is hoping that the blogging
community will accept Hashmarks, and in turn, reaccept the .com. I read the
.com, but only to get different perspectives on stories. I don\'t need
Hashmarks to tell me about a story about McCovey Cove on espn.com, and
inform me that its a story:

...that you may not stumble across during the normal course of your day.

Its on espn.com. If someone is that into the site, they are gonna find it. ESPN
goes overboard with promoting its product, so its articles on the website are
hardly un-stumble-able.

If it looks like a blog and smells like a blog, it doesn\'t necessarily mean its a
blog. In Hashmarks\' case, Mosley started a flog.

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iconresurce.net on December 8, 2012

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24/06/2008 - susana
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Logos created through mathematical operations
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Each week they also publish an equation for us to solve, here’s this week enigma which I personally haven’t discovered yet.
Edit: It was Michelin.. It wasn’t that complicated and yet, I couldn’t guess
23/06/2008 - susana
No Comments
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MzJ on April 9, 2008

~Congradulations~ Great write you have here!!! I found it very interesting...~Peace~MzJ~

Tomsk on January 18, 2008

I'm looking forward to what else you got. You know...once you get picked.

Joe on January 15, 2008

Someone willing to take on ESPN. I like.

Mere Being on July 16, 2007

Oh, the rough stuff isn't so bad. I'm just impressed that you made sports and esp. ESPN interesting to me.

tecmo_bowl_bo_jackson on July 16, 2007

Sorry bout the rough grammar/punctuation. These are stories that come directly from my sports website, and the copy/paste to rafter kinda messed them up a bit.

Mere Being on July 15, 2007

I don't usually like sports, but
I liked your 2nd article a lot.